Jobsites in UNESCO World Heritage City Yaroslavl, Russia

This UNESCO World Heritage Site Needed World Class Equipment to Merge Antiquity with Modernisation

Yaroslavl, one of the oldest cities in Russia, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city needed to actively develop its  infrastructure, with a view at advancing on all fronts, both social and commercial that included sport, tourism and recreation.

And here's where Putzmeister came in.

After all if God lies in the details, so does a beautiful heritage city with modernised  facilities.


The Challenge

The concrete equipment used to develop and build the city had to be of unmatched quality and productivity. 

The memorial outside the Arena 2000 hockey stadium in Yaroslavl commemorating the Yaroslavl Lokomotiv hockey team members who were killed in a plane crash in 2011.


The Solution

A Yaroslavl company Top Concrete, owned a fleet of concrete equipment ranging from seven concrete mixers, concrete pumps of Putzmeister 36-4.16H, the BSF and other construction equipment for concreting of various objects, both in the city and the region. We visited several facilities of the company.

The location of the construction site of the future four star hotel complex near the modern sport complex "Arena 2000", as well as a sports complex "Atlas", was unique. The erected complex comprised two buildings: the ten story building for the hotel and a sixteen apartment hotel with underground parking and a SPA center.

In the first stage,  Putzmeister BSF 36-4.16H performed uninterrupted to fill M350 1800 m3 of concrete mix when constructing the building foundation. Further Autoconcrete BSF 36-4.16H concrete mix was fed to create the walls of the floors.

Apart from reliability, the USP was the power of the pumping unit as a whole, as well as high wear resistance of expendable parts of the pump and of the concrete hopper.

Boom folding type - Z was particularly suitable for use in small and medium sized objects with horizontal surfaces of concrete placing, and where necessary agility and mobility technology was required.

On the second project Putzmeister BSF 36-4.16H performed the casting slab of the residential complex. All the benefits of mobile technology were demonstrated by betonopodayuschey Putzmeister equipment.

Powerful betonopodayuschaya installation - 16H, installed on this concrete pump truck, was designed for maximum flow of the concrete mix to 160 m3/h. The unit is equipped with a hydraulic closed circuit and an electronic control system and  Putzmeister Ergonic system parameters.
This system saves on daily fuel consumption, controls the parameters of the concrete pump in the process of pumping, saves time and prevents accidents. Qualitative and proven materials were used in the concrete truck assembly

Putzmeister, with its presence and availability to stock spare parts and components as well as experimental brigade service technicians, enhanced the reliability of the acquired search technique. 

The  work was carried out efficiently, quickly and accurately.

Putzmeister’s truck-mounted pumps at work on a residential complex.


Concrete Takeaways

  • The sanctity of the beautiful world heritage site was maintained completely.
  • Experienced operators swore by the convenience of the pumps, easy use and maintenance. The comfortable and secure remote management ensured there was no run in with the law, plus the weight did not exceed the norms.