Bengaluru Metro, India

Helping Bengaluru Live the Dream of Less Congested Roads and Easy Travel

Helping connect and bring order to the busy, bustling city of Bengaluru is the 42.3 km metro that is a complicated mix of underground and elevated stations. Operating on two lines - the East-West Corridor and North-South Corridor - it has made traveling through the city a breeze, something Bengaluru commuters had not experienced in a long time. With an average daily ridership reaching 315,000 commuters, you know it’s a project on the right track.


The Challenge

Placing concrete in highly congested locations due to heavy traffic.


The Solution

There were several contractors working together on this phase of the project. Vital amongst the fleet of equipment tasked with completing this mammoth task were the Putzmeister BSF 36-4 and 32-4.

The BSF 36-4 was implemented in the construction of the stations and other structures. It’s flexibility allowing the operators to place the concrete in difficult to reach areas. In the meantime, the BSF 32-4 came into play while placing concrete at the tunnel openings, pathways and sidewalls.

The machines were equipped to deliver on the demand of running for 12 hours at a stretch.

Their performance was highly appreciated by the team as was the service support extended during concreting, especially during the night shift.


Concrete Takeaways

It is the second longest operational metro network in India.