The BSA 1000 series has arrived

Putzmeister offers customers around the world a complete product range of stationary and trailer-mounted concrete pumps. From the compact BSA 1000 range of multipurpose pumps (the name is based on the pump’s piston stroke in millimetres) to the high-pressure world-beating pumps of the BSA 14000 range which can pump concrete up to heights of more than 600 m. The 1000 range has now been completely revised.

Wet concrete spraying, bored pile filling, applications in city centres and tunnel construction, and fast and flexible operations on small building sites are just a few of the possible applications of the new BSA 1005 and 1006. Putzmeister offers these trailer-mounted concrete pumps through an integrated worldwide platform; electrically driven or with the latest diesel motors from well-known manufacturers for the target markets.


Image 20-00641 The new design of the BSA 1005 and BSA 1006 piston pumps represents high performance and robustness

Overview of new features:

Environment-friendly drives

The environment-friendly but nevertheless powerful 3-cylinder Deutz Stage V diesel motor for the European market delivers 55 kW of power to the concrete pump. The double-piston pump has a stroke length of 1000 mm and a delivery cylinder diameter of 180 mm, which can deliver up to 64 m³ of concrete per hour at a maximum pressure of 70 bar. Many customers need either a higher delivery rate or a higher delivery pressure. Putzmeister offers the BSA 1005 D model which provides higher pressures (rod-side connection) whereas the BSA 1006 D is optimised for higher delivery rates (base-side connection). Unlike on modern vehicles, the Deutz diesel motor does not need AdBlue additive and regenerates while running. With their Stage V motor, the BSA 1005 and BSA 1006 can be used without restriction in all EU countries and Switzerland. For applications in tunnel construction sites or pre-cast concrete plants, both models are available with a 45 kW electric motor.


Image 20-00652 The insides of the BSA 1005 are neat and tidy. The diesel particulate filter is under the hood. Everything is easily reachable for service purposes, and the fold-up doors give the operator weather protection.

New operator-friendly Ergonic 3 control

The smart control is also environment-friendly, and automatically lowers the motor speed when idling, thus saving fuel and reducing noise. With the new Ergonic 3.0 control, the new 1000 model needs 30% less hydraulic oil than previous models, thus lowering the operating costs of the machines. Putzmeister trailer-mounted concrete pumps and truck mixers have an already well-known ergonomic keypad which has an intuitive layout and 4-colour LEDs which simplify the control process, even when wearing thick work gloves. The operator will find all the controls placed ergonomically on one side. The light but robust wireless remote control brings the operator even more freedom. The iLog chip provides reliable protection from unauthorised use. The remote control allows delivery rate adjustment from 0 to 100%. There is also a clever USB charging connection on the control cabinet where the operator can charge his smartphone, for example.


Image 20-00660 All the controls are placed ergonomically on one side. Machine operation from the proven keypad with intuitive LED light control.

Flexible configuration

No vehicle like any other: configuration with individual equipment customises the vehicle. This of course also applies to concrete pumps. The BSA 1000 range is designed to allow much more variety in equipment variants. This could be the central lubrication system, the cleaning kit with high-pressure water pump and high-pressure cleaner, the vibrator on the funnel grill for stiff concretes, but also the practical LED light which provides optimal illumination of the funnel. A new feature on trailer-mounted concrete pumps of this size is the folding funnel splash guard, which is already familiar on truck-mounted concrete pumps in many countries. For maintenance purposes, the Putzmeister Connected Service minimises the troubleshooting time, as the service technician can connect to the machine.


Image 20-00873: The first machines have already been delivered to customers. The image shows service personnel being instructed in the UK.