PM Underground Launches Geokret 2.0

In this era of digital transformation and data analysis Putzmeister Underground presents the complete solution for smart shotcrete application with the latest laser technology, in a digital, intuitive and very flexible way.

The solution is based on the 3D high-resolution scanning of the underground galleries before and after each shotcrete application, comparing results and optimising the applications.


Simple, fast and effective.

Putzmeister has designed the intuitive and friendly Geokret app integrated in the robust tablet thinking about the operator's daily work. In just a few clicks the customised project is created according to the indicated thicknesses, range of colors and angles (which can be determined in advance) and the 3D laser is active.

In just 60 seconds the compact and easy-to-use 3D laser scans the gallery with high precision, and sends the data to the Geokret app. In the same app, the operator will be able to see the comparative data of the scans and know the status of the real application, being able to improve the result.

Without interrupting the normal work cycle, there are no cables or other external elements. All the information is transmitted via Wifi between the laser and the Geokret app, which will also allow to install the laser with total flexibility within the gallery to get the best visibility.

Exhaustive analysis in the office software

The solution doesn’t end here. Once the shotcrete application is done, the data can be downloaded in onto an USB or send it via Wifi to the powerful office software. It allows you to perform a much more detailed analysis: sections, volumes calculation, thickness and much more.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased safety and durability. You will know the real application on time
  • Save the costs of wasted material
  • Improved spray quality. Know the areas of excess or lack of concrete, you will be able to optimise the application and review where it is really necessary
  • Intuitive, easy to use and friendly designed Geokret app
  • 360º scan in just 60 sec. with a range of 60 m and very precise (we guarantee an error of only 1 mm)
  • Wireless data transmission: flexibility in laser positioning
  • Powerful software for exhaustive analysis of your collected data. Compare, analyse and optimise
  • Generation of customised and downloadable reports: thicknesses, volumes, sections

Developed together with Leica Geosystems

Geokret 2.0 brings together the experience of more than 30 years of Putzmeister in underground shotcrete environments and the latest technology in measurements and topography of Leica Geosystems, the Swiss company recognised for its high quality products and development of innovative solutions for capturing, analysing and displaying intelligent geospatial data for almost 200 years.

Geokret 2.0 achieves an intelligent, efficient and safe shotcrete application.